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"Himmelszelt" (2023)

Photo prints on affiche paper, strings

850x650x220 cm

Schlosskirche Rumpenheim, installation views

The installation, which was awarded the Rumpenheim art prize DIANA 2023, consists of 25 photographs of the surroundings of the baroque castle church. The images are printed in large format on blueback affiche paper, cut into vertical strips and attached to strings stretched across the community room. Images and the blue backs alternate row after row, bathing the building, along with the church fixtures, in a nuanced spectrum of blue. Parts of the image with buildings, trees, etc. are cut off from the stripes, leaving only the sky in different light and weather conditions. The organic shape of the installation results from the different lengths of the strips, which vary from a few centimeters to over 2 meters. The sky above the neighborhood is thus brought into the church, where it temporarily spans a protective tent and redefines the space. The cut-off parts of the pictures are given away to the visitors, thus symbolically mixing and redistributing the place.

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