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"SCHÖNE WELT" (2023)

Photo prints on affiche paper, electric motor, wood

300x230x180 cm

Glue Berlin, installation views

The kinetic installation "Schöne Welt" is based on found images from a research on social media with the hashtag #suvlifestyle. I used images with dramatic staging of luxury cars in front of astonishing landscapes and wilderness. This branch of lifestyle-image production plays with our basic survival instincts by enforcing a humankind-nature opposition which is supposed to be overcome by driving around in technically highly equipped, fortified but comfortable vehicles. It's hard to tell whether the socially questionable promotion of anachronistic behavior or the misuse of our remaining untouched nature and wilderness in order to stimulate ever greater numbers of profitable production and consumption of luxury vehicles causes greater dismay. In order to symbolically reinstate the abused images of sublime nature, the parts with cars on the prints are being cut off and displayed on the floor. The remaining and liberated "Schöne Welt" (beautiful world) is slowly turning in the air above the visitor's heads. 

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