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"Skinny Guys" (2023)

Photo paper, wood

90x50x50 cm - 180x50x50 cm

As part of "MATEREALITIES", duo-exhibition with Antonia Gruber, Freundeskreis Willy-Brandt-Haus Berlin, installation views

Called “Skinny Guys,” the photo sculptures are based on images from a social media search on plastic surgery and body transformations. The prints are cut into strips, spiraled around a wooden support, and fixed in place with staples. The image strips, which sometimes extend more, sometimes less far into the room, form column-like sculptures in free-flowing shapes. While the cutting and stapling of the prints is an analogy to the techniques of plastic surgery, the highly abstracted photographs translate the inherent idea of the free malleability of our bodies into the organic-plastic forms of the sculptures.

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