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“Feel it!” (2023)

Exhibition banners, strings

1200 x 450 x 400 cm 

Feel Festival, installation views

The site-specific, immersive installation consists of reutilized exhibition banners from a Berlin art institution cut into strips. The installation is a commission of the Feel Festival 2023 and uses an already existing wooden structure on the festival site in the former open-cast mine “Lichterfeld” near Finsterwalde in Brandenburg. The strips are attached to a cord grid and move freely in the wind. The varying lengths create a sequence of spatial situations inside. The interplay of image and text fragments, the play of shadows by day and the colored illumination at night, the movement of the strips in the wind and the resulting sounds invite visitors to explore the installation located between the floors of the techno festival and to engage in a multifaceted play of perceptions.

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