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"Blauer Raum" (2021)

Cut and stapled photo paper

550x250x250 cm

Kunstlabor Munich, Installation views

The site-specific, immersive installation at KUNSTLABOR 2, the interim use of the former Health House in the center of the Munich initiated by the city’s Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art, consists of two photographs from the Berlin Night series. The prints, cut into vertical strips, are attached to the walls and ceiling in a way that a wave-like structure extends across the entire space. The evocative lighting evokes associations with grottos, underwater landscapes, or space photographs. The walk-in “image space” has been featured widely on social media and the local press and prompted Bayerischer Rundfunk-TV to film the Space Night Science-interview with radio astronomer Dr. Heino Falcke on the first photographic evidence of Sagittarius A, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way in the installation.

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