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"Fuji-San" (2022) 

Photo prints on affiche paper, wood, strings, electric motor

230x230x200 cm

Installation views

As contribution to the Artspace Festival in the geographically flat harbor city of Bremerhaven in the North-West of Germany, I built a kinetic installation which consists of 64 photographs of Mount Fuji, the result of an image research in the internet. They photo prints are cut into a total of 900 paper strips and hung from each side on a grid of 14 consecutive rows towards the center. 

The image parts with the volcano were cut off and distributed on the floor. Instead of the mountain, which has thus been leveled again, a hollow space is created inside the installation. The foreground of the photographs, mostly cliché-like pictures of sunsets, cherry blossoms, or city backdrops, becomes the actual object. Visitors were invited to explore the walkable interior of this slowly rotating paper massif created by this conceptual inversion.

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